Everyone from rising employees to managers and executives must master presenting to, and interacting with, an ever-increasing variety of audiences and individuals – whether small or large groups, at meetings, conferences, or other events. Regardless of the audience their objectives are to inform, explain, instruct, or persuade. To make every presentation rewarding for the audience, the presenter must effectively outline ideas through clear, concise messages using persuasion, instruction, questions, and answers. A powerful presenter must be convincing, poised, and in control. When these skills come together, they generate opportunities and ensure success.


Participants of the Powerful Presentations Courses will learn how to:

  • Present active presentations with clarity and purpose
  • Communicate the main points concisely
  • Research and prepare a presentation
  • Identify and leverage personal presentation style
  • Conquer butterflies, anxiety, and worry
  • Manage questions and provide active responses
  • Effectively use visuals
  • Identify and remove barriers to effective communication
  • Win the audience over
  • Remember key points and format by utilizing proven techniques
  • Use voice most effectively
  • Use body language
  • Recognize and navigate group decorum

Participants will also receive:

  • l Powerful Presentations course book
    - Content that follows the course + much more information for a speaker to leverage in order to become a stronger, more powerful, presenter.
  • l Insightful handouts
    - Take-aways that include helpful topics and tips for immediate practice and application.
  • l Video Recorded Presentation
    - Each participant will have the opportunity to present and be video recorded. The video recorded presentation will be
    delivered to each participant after the training. The video can be provided in a variety of file formats and via e-mail or thumb
    drive, whichever is most convenient to the participant. This video provides increased self-awareness and focused development.
  • l Custom Coaching Notes
    - After the training the instructor will provide personalized coaching notes based on observations of the participants strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. In addition
    they will receive recommendations for further skill improvement.


  • People Strategy
  • Talent Management
  • Motivation
  • Recruiting
  • Group Facilitation
  • 2 Day Intensive
  • Lecture
  • Group Dynamics
  • Simulations
  • Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Skill Practice Exercises
  • Pre-Training Assessment
  • Tailored Content
  • Expert Delivery
  • Post-Training Evaluation
  • Post-Training Assessment
  • 3 Month Follow-Up

Research Based

Expert Delivered

Active and Experiential


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