The Workplace Dynamics Profile

A powerful tool to analyze your workforce. The WDP gives employees a keen self-awareness and educates them on how to work most productively with others. Likewise, it provides managers key pieces of information to understanding job-task fit, communication style, preferences in feedback, default conflict modes, methods of motivation, and engagement recommendations.

With respect to hiring employees, developing talent, and building cohesive teams, nothing exceeds the importance of possessing a deep understanding of who you are and how you relate with others. To aid in this pivotal endeavor, Lausanne Business Solutions has crafted this one-of-a-kind assessment that delves into individual personality, resulting behaviors, and social styles and how they impact the way you interact with others and perform on teams.

The Assessment

The WDP leverages over 50 years of research in personality science blended with a proven proprietary methodology that provides powerful insights into individuals' work place behavior, increases team cohesiveness, and enables improved performance.

We dispose of arbitrary categorizations and dichotomies and instead provides fine-grained descriptions of employees' personality, values, motivations, and default behavioral patterns.

The WDP consists of detailed questions that elicit core personality traits, facets, and beliefs. Each profile is reviewed by a staff psychologists who interpret the results and provides a report that analyzes individual personality traits and how they relate to work functions

The Workplace Dynamics Profile explores the following areas

   Communication skills and style

   Conflict management

   Team Dynamics

   Planning & implementing

   Creativity & problem solving skills

   Ideal work tasks and environment

   Biggest motivators and demotivators

   Workplace strengths and weaknesses