Recruiting Solutions for Organizations

At all levels, an organization’s people drive success. We understand what it takes to find the right candidate for every recruiting need from entry level employee to board member. Across the corporate hierarchy, our recruiting solutions honor your company’s unique culture and build on your vision. We work with each of our clients to fully understand their placement needs and deliver results that exceed those expectations. With over 200 years of combined experience in a variety of industries ranging from finance to manufacturing, our talent consultants possess a deep understanding of the technical backgrounds necessary to find the best talent across a number of fields.

What we do:

Adding top talent to your team is the first and most important step in insuring organizational success. That is why working with the right recruiting partner is so crucial. By leveraging our extensive network and proprietary processes we help vet talent by utilizing the following in our approach:


Our in-house psychologists have crafted psychometric evaluations, that when necessary, can increase confidence that you are not only hiring top talent, but the right talent for your requisition and company.


We don't rely soley on "a good feeling" about our candidates. We stay abreast and utilize cutting edge recruiting technology. When necessary, we test candidates' skills and know-how. In doing so, we ensure accuracy.


Our recruiters are experts in their respective niche. They have the knowledge and experience to understand necessary nuances of the job and the candidate.


Our extensive network and time-proven process extend far beyond newspaper ads and job boards--we rely on years of experience and quality referrals to recruit truly talented individuals. We believe that our professional placements are a direct reflection of who we are. Therefore, we take every measure to ensure we are delivering the highest quality candidate possible.

What you get when you work with us:

Top Talent-- The first time


The right cultural fit


The candidates with the right skills


The candidates with the right traits

Candidates that add value


High potentials


Reduced time-to-hire


Reduced turnover

Ways we can work with you to find talent for your organization:

Finding talent for your team is no easy task. Lausanne Business Solutions has proprietary systems to find the best fit for your organization. We can partner with your organization to find talent in a number of ways: direct hire, temp to perm, or contract employment. Regardless of the type of position, here is how we partner with your organization in your search:


Provide us with a job description and we will leverage our network and expertise to find and screen qualified applicants for the position. Engaging with us in this way does not require any upfront investment. We will draw on our network of active and passive candidates, gauge interest, review resumes, and interview candidates at no expense. There is no charge to the employer until an applicant is hired and has started working for your company. Under this arrangement, there are no costs unless we deliver.

Contract or Temp to Hire

We can work with your organization to flexibly access talent on a temp to perm basis. In this case, the employee will be retained as an employee of Lausanne Business Solutions until you decide to make him or her a full-time, permanent member of your team.