Performance Management Training

Performance management is more than just a required review. To activate high performance in your team, performance management must be an on-going process. Your managers and supervisors must initiate and encourage a mutual two-way dialogue with their teams. Organizational strategy must cascade down, goals and objectives must be aligned, and clear communication must be ubiquitous. Furthermore, all managers and supervisors must be checking in frequently with their team members to make sure the right tasks are being prioritized, progress is being made, and that there is accountability. Most importantly managers and supervisors must be aware of their peoples strengths and weaknesses and what their people need in order to support them in achieving individual role success and overall organizational results.

It's about the people, not about the technology.

Technology systems and processes enable the performance appraisal process, but good management and the right conversations are what activates team performance.

   Do your managers know how and when to have conversations that activate performance?

   Do your people know why they are doing the work they do and how their efforts benefit the organization's mission?

Not all Technology is created Equal. Not all Performance is high Performance.