BBC - Introverts

Gregory Pontrelli, President & CEO of Lausanne Business Solutions discusses introverts in the workplace with the BBC.

Too often "Introversion" and "Shyness" are conflated. In the extracted quote above, Gregory Pontrelli explains to the BBC that "Introversion" and "Shyness" are in fact two different characteristics which are influenced by a separate dimension of personality. Furthermore, he states that you can be both "extraverted" and "shy." When this is the case, an individual has a difficult combination of personality traits to reconcile.

As seen in the excerpt above, Gregory Pontrelli finds the concept of there being a specific job type for a specific personality a problematic dogma. While he does believe that certain personalities may be more naturally inclined to certain positions, and their temperaments may more naturally predispose them to certain talents, that ultimately personality is just one data point among many which may influence job interest and job strength. Pontrelli thinks that organizations that are quick to utilize assessments to weed out certain personality types for particular jobs are simultaneously hindering their diversity efforts. In a follow up conversation on the article, Gregory Pontrelli comments that "by homogenizing the personalities for a department or position, you lose the advantage of having multiple perspectives, divergent thinking, and enlightened problem solving. "