Leveraging performance management strategy to create high performing teams.

In order to optimize your performance management strategy, our team at Lausanne Business Solutions will inquire the following:

  • How do you currently conduct your performance appraisals?
  • Do you measure performance and activity to specific objectives?
  • Do you take a holistic approach and conduct reviews from multiple vantage points within and outside of your organization?
  • Are you ignoring or are you appropriately rating the right behaviors, traits, skills, and competencies? How are you setting those benchmarks?
  • How are you measuring return on your people investment?
  • Do the findings of your reviews lead to effective organizational development?
  • Are your review objectives understood by management and team members alike? Are review metrics communicated properly and understood by management and team members alike?

At Lausanne Business Solutions, we believe that rather than being conducted quarterly or annually and then forgotten, performance appraisals should play a pivotal role in your performance management and people strategy. Thus, reviews should never be a static snapshot. Performance Reviews are a powerful tool. When conducted effectively, they can comparatively measure performance and benchmarks, provide a pulse check on productivity, serve to motivate and incentivize your employees, as well as become a means to congratulate and award employees. Most importantly, performance appraisals should empower the organization as a whole to learn to avoid past mistakes and begin to replicate successes.

Performance reviews provide an opportunity to model and remodel excellence, create breakthroughs for future innovation and performance, as well as reward, motivate, and engage your employees. For over 30 years, experts at Lausanne have helped organizations augment their Performance Reviews into living, dynamic, revenue generating activities.